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ChamÁn Angelo

​Please include the following information in your email: (copy and paste into email)

  • Your name and where you are from?

  • Your Age?

  • How did you hear of A.S.T.?

  • Do you have previous plant medicine experience? If yes, tell me Dosages, Effects, Results.

  • Do you have any Medical Conditions?

  • Are you taking any prescription medication? If yes, Tell me what medications you are taking and the dosages, please also include the reason for taking the medication.

  • What medicine are you interested in working with?

  • Are you currently suffering from addiction or have history of addiction?

  • if yes, what substances? (please be honest to be able to better assist)

  • What are your intentions? (detail only what you feel comfortable sharing but note if I know details I can help you even more)

  • What dates and Location do you want to book?

  • Do you have any allergies or Dietary Restrictions?

  • Do you have any disabilities?

Aho, Muchas Gracias

... a very gifted and warm guide"

"An Aya ceremony is a very intimate experience, and I have a lot of trouble trusting in people.

However Angelo has a kind and caring, positive vibe and throughout my whole ceremony, knew when to adjust the setting and the energy to keep things positive and flowing.


It takes caring, dedication and attentiveness, the kind people usually would do only for family, and Angelo does it for everyone.

If you are scared but still know you need healing, please Ask Angelo to guide your ceremony. you will be treated with respect and dignity and understanding, as well as having the healing experience focused on you and what you need to gain the most benefit

Thank you so much Angelo, you are a life saver!"

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