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Oct 11, 2021

Mable i.

Angelo is extraordinarily gifted! He is a warm, loving soul. The beautiful energy and love he pours into work can be felt days and weeks after energy clearing. He is the real deal and the truth.

Apr 20, 2021

Melina J.

I have no words. But I will try. I was so lost and broken. Angelo helped me find my path to healing, inner peace and connection with myself that I desperately needed. I will be forever grateful for our paths crossing. 🧘🏽👁🧘🏽

Mar 22, 2021

Ji S.

My Reiki session was very healing and I felt immediately better. Angelo has very strong intuition and gives great advice as well. I highly recommend reaching out, you will be in gifted hands! 

July 2023

Chris F.

Thank you so much! Had a wonderful time exploring and struggling through the process. Definitely feel like I've learned and discovered important lessons.

Pink House Guestbook

February 2023

Sebastian Juslin

Angelo is a very gifted and warm guide.

An Aya ceremony is a very intimate experience, and I have a lot of trouble trusting in people.

However Angelo has a kind and caring, positive vibe and throughout my whole ceremony, knew when to adjust the setting and the energy to keep things positive and flowing.

It takes caring, dedication and attentiveness, the kind people usually would do only for family, and Angelo does it for everyone.

If you are scared but still know you need healing, please Ask Angelo to guide your ceremony. you will be treated with respect and dignity and understanding, as well as having the healing experience focused on you and what you need to gain the most benefit

Thank you so much Angelo, you are a life saver!

Mar 16, 2021

Samantha M.

The Shamanic guided heart opening ceremony was absolutely a beautiful experience and safe environment for me to dive deep into my spirituality and being the process of my emotional, mental, and physical healing. Setting my personal intention prior to the beginning of the ceremony and prior to the beginning of the ceremony and prior to consumption of the plant medicine allowed me to go into this experience with an open mind, yet a focus for me to draw back to if I were to feel lost. With the help of the Shaman guiding me through this ceremony as well, there is no doubt I would have a great and peaceful experience. The plant medicine worked in a complex yet satisfying way for me that provided beneficial outcomes for me moving forward in my mental, emotional, and spiritual journey. I would definitely return to this form of medicinal therapy along with attending another Shamanic guided heart opening ceremony with Ancestral Spirit Traditions. 

July, 2023

Ben D.

My visit at The Pink house was incredible. From the moment I walked in, I felt comfortable and safe. It allowed me to be in a safe place and do inner work. I look forward to returning in the future and sharing it with friends. I was drawn to be here this weekend and it is just what I needed to be more centered in my life. Sending warm wishes to those that come here in the future. I want to thank Angelo for creating such a warm and safe place for my soul.

Pink House Guestbook

September 2022

karen bill

Shaman Angelo is a wonderful gifted healer and knowledgeable, compassionate, and caring. He brings everything for the ceremony and stayed with me the whole time and guided me as needed which felt really good and safe. Very different then being in a large group of 50+ people doing Ayahuasca and not having individual attention. You can trust Angelo with your spiritual journey. I look forward to a whole new world because of him, his process, his medicine and his dedication. He is a very special shaman. Highly recommend. 

May 2022

Amy Ha

Shaman Angelo is most amazing healer I have had the pleasure to meet and work with thus far in my spiritual journey. I felt very called to do the plant medicine around a year ago and I am so glad I waited to find the right healer to work with. If you know what you want, you may just find the experience you are looking for with Shaman Angelo. His process is very special. He is a mobile shaman, so he will come to you and he will honor the safe space. Have faith and trust the divine process. Love and light.

JULY 2023


What an amazing setting to heal, restore, and recalibrate to my highest calling. This space is so intentionally created, you can feel the sacred in this sanctuary tucked away in the high desert forest. Angelo is such a gracious and honoring host and gifted healer. Iam forever changed and reminded how the deep calls to the deep in the heart of humanity. I will bring others back and cannot recommend this journey experience more highly. What a blessing that others have answered the call to return to their true essence. May we never forget how we are chosen for such a time as this.

Pink House Guestbook

October 2022

Matthew Vaughn

My wife and I felt Angelo’s compassionate healing energy from the moment we arrived at the Pink Retreat. We are new to plant medicine and he provided such a warm, welcoming space where we could heal, connect and release. We attended the 3 day-2 night couples retreat to connect on our honeymoon and we couldn’t have imagined a better environment to open our hearts and connect. He is adept at sensing energy blockages and uses his knowledge and experience with the medicine to guide and support you depending on your individual needs. The nourishing diet, comfortable lodging, surrounding nature and meaningful conversations allowed for a life changing experience.

We are forever grateful that our paths crossed with such a wise, kind and compassionate healer. The dedication, reverence, and passion Angelo brings to his work is inspiring in its own right, and ensures the experience is exactly what you need. Like Pachamama, Angelo has your back no matter what.

Jan 01, 2021

cynthia v.

First session was the best experience felt amazing! I will most definitely come back again 🖤

Feb 25, 2021

Ariana a.

Amazing! I consider anyone to try it.. I had a lot of negative thoughts and energy. Totally recommend Angelo. Definitely a go to!

July 11, 2023

Loralee T.

Thank you for offering this space of expansion growth and guidance. Your beautiful sactuary is so peaceful & comforting I hope to return again. Much love to all the paths that are blessed here. 

Pink House Guestbook

Feb 25, 2021


I appreciated Angelo a lot. He was definitely the right person for my first mushroom journey because he was calm, collected, prepared, and offered 1:1s. I drove to him and had the ceremony in a nice little cozy shed, decorated and furnished with spiritual items, which made me feel very safe and at ease. What I definitely appreciated about Angelo was how much of a friend he felt to me throughout my journey. He was there all the way through until I was done and ready to leave. Thank you for your patience Angelo. <3

June, 2022

Iris B

Angelo is a very sweet and compassionate person. I feel blessed to have met him. He is very talented, skilled, and a gifted healer.
I have done three sessions with him. I have done Kambo, the heart opening ceremony and the plant medicine. I trusted him to do a session with my two family members who also were very pleased with the session and with Angelo. I feel a kindship with Angelo. He is like a brother from another mother.

If you feel the call to the plant medicine, Kambo or any of his healings, Angelo is your man. Read on the benefits of these medicines. Invest in yourself, your health and well-being. You will be glad you did.

Thank You very much Angelo!

With lots of love and respect.

April, 2023

Harsh C.

Thank you so much for hosting me in this wonderful space. For showing me the path and guiding my journey, Forever grateful! 

The space and the retreat was truly divine! Thank you!


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