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the chamÁn Curandero Dos 

Greetings and welcome, My name is Angelo I am the founder of Ancestral Spirit Traditions. Iam a Two-Spirited Curandero Chamán, I was born a women and lived as one for the first 28 years of my life. I embrace my divine feminine and Divine Masculine.


My awakening spiritual journey began in 2012 after the tragic loss and death of my younger brother Henrry, he committed suicide at the young age of 19.


The death of my closest sibling changed my perspective of life and death.


I was shaken awake by the reality that there are some people that are walking the earth truly suffering and unwell but project to be perfectly splendid. There were so many higher existential questions I had, and was left searching for answers. I knew the answers had to come from somewhere great.

I was 23 years old and found myself living a toxic lifestyle, I was drinking more than the average person and my eating habits weren' t the healthiest, I had reached the heaviest weight in my life and I started to feel it in my energetic body.

I knew that at 23 I wasn’t supposed to feel so depleted, disconnected, and lost.


I started to question what the purpose of my life was. I had followed the guide given to me by society, I went to school, had a career, had a car, my own place, paid my bills on time, had friends and many romantic relationships; and I still felt incomplete and unhappy. I stopped drinking alcohol, cleansed my body of parasites, and detoxed. I started to feel more energy and started physical activities. The difference I felt was so great and beneficial that it encouraged me to keep changing my lifestyle and stick to it. I had to get my body, my vessel right and that led me to a clear connection with God, my higher self, my angels, and my spirit guides. 

During this time I started a new relationship with God. I was brought up catholic and there were many things that never resonated with me from an early age. That led me to distance myself from God and even considered myself an atheist at one point in my life. I understood that I could have a relationship with God on my own without subscribing to third parties. Spiritually I was growing and making choices day by day that would eventually lead me on my path as a healer which is my life's purpose.


In 2016 I quit my corporate job of 7 years, and moved to a small town in northern California, Mt. Shasta. Living in Mt Shasta, the root chakra of the world really amplified my connection to the earth Pachamama and my spirit. One day I was invited to a plant medicine ceremony, by a shaman from Peru who had come to share his medicine, and during that ceremony, I remembered my path and my purpose. During the ceremony, I was drinking the most medicine out of the people in my group. I was sitting there observing what was going on around me, the energy shifted, and the shaman and his facilitators had their hands full. I was invited to help facilitate and came across the feather of the condor, which was huge, and once I held it in my hand, I remembered everything. I could feel the life force energy of the feather, and I could see how it was being used during the ceremony.


The feather connected me to the medicine and then I understood everything. I was enlightened, the plants revealed to me my life's purpose, I remembered that I had been a medicine man before. Ever since then my life changed completely, being aware of what my life's purpose was, and knowing that it was a great mysterious path.


I continued to work on my personal healing and connection to ancestral wisdom through shamanic journeys I held on my own throughout the years. The universe continuously brought me back on the path of healing even though I would sway away. In 2020 after the world came to a halt, I was activated and decided to finally take a leap of faith and started my business Ancestral Spirit Traditions. Since 2020 I have been walking this path of a healer full time, I believe all the work I have done on my spiritual journey was practice and training for what was to come, and still is to come.

In 2022 when I went traveling to my native land of El Salvador for the first time as an adult, I found out through meeting close family members that my great grandfather Rosendo, My maternal grandmothers father, was a Curandero Chaman. See not all Curanderos are Chamans, and not all Chamans are Curanderos but he was both, and I have always self identified as both, and didn't even know this gift runs in my blood; but lately I'm not calling myself a chaman or curandero anymore, I'm just me, a jack of almost all trades, Im good at a lot of things, I take pride in the work that I do, always.

After being self taught and learning from the master plants for years and running AST since 2020, I finally opened myself up to learning from masters of the trade who have been walking this path for 25+ years, in 2023 I attended a 9 month Curanderismo program led by 2 masters located in Mt. Shasta California, to my surprise, the plants had teached me well because I realized many of the ways my teachers worked, I had done in my own way too. I learned more and have expanded in many beneficial ways.  In June 2024 I graduated from the program and feel more empowered than ever to continue doing this work with integrity and the blessings of the universe.


There is a great mystery hidden in the plants, and many of my brothers and sisters are being called to remember, the power that you carry, the purpose of your life, and the mystery of humanity.

I'am a witness to the countless healings that the medicines our ancestors left behind for us bring. You must have faith in yourself, the healing path you walk, the sacred plants and their teachings, and trust me as your guide to completely let go and surrender to the healing process.


My name is Angelo, and I remember my path and purpose and can help you remember yours too. I come from an Interdimensional Tribe of Birds that are here now to help save and liberate humanity.

ayahuasca.jpg changing experience."

Matthew Vaughn

September 2022

My wife and I felt Angelo’s compassionate healing energy from the moment we arrived at the Pink House Retreat. We are new to plant medicine and he provided such a warm, welcoming space where we could heal, connect and release.

We attended the 3 day-2 night couples retreat to connect on our honeymoon and we couldn’t have imagined a better environment to open our hearts and connect. He is adept at sensing energy blockages and uses his knowledge and experience with the medicine to guide and support you depending on your individual needs. The nourishing diet, comfortable lodging, surrounding nature and meaningful conversations allowed for a life changing experience.

We are forever grateful that our paths crossed with such a wise, kind and compassionate healer. The dedication, reverence, and passion Angelo brings to his work is inspiring in its own right, and ensures the experience is exactly what you need.

 Like Pachamama, Angelo has your back no matter what.


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